• Karassn Security Protection Electronics Co.,Ltd. It is a enterprise majoring in the development, exploitation, manufacture and sales of a series of security alarm system. Our products are currently exported to clients throughout the USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Our products are classified into two main categories; home security products and car alarm systems. These series cover such items as smoke detectors, gas alarms, remote control lamp switches, car and motorcycle alarms, car parking sensors, wireless handsfree car kits and various cables. Our best advantage in this industry is our strong R&D department responsible for designing and developing products according to our customers' specific needs. Additionally, we have introduced an ISO9001 compliant quality management system and our products meet CE and FCC standards. The administrators of mid-high rank in Karassn are from famous enterprise at home and abroad. They are rich in enterprise management experience and marketing marketing sales capability .By grasping the correct trend of the market, we assure that the quality of products is the primary source to maintain a good development of a company. 
    The sales team of Karassn are acting in everywhere of the city all the year, as we know clearly only we deepen into the market and improve the communication and corporation with our partners, can we occupy the market and double win in the business.
  • Brand is our big weapon in the continuous development, so we will construct our “KARASSN” brand with “brand combined” strategy and “omnidirectional direction, strong degree, and modern sales ”marketing way to continuously improve and deepen the influence of karassn brand, and help our distributors to improve the sales achievement and establish a good groundwork of the rapid development.
  • Being the best of all in the security alarm system industry is our target, we believe that only we have advanced technology, the perfect sales marketing system, the rigid sales team and the update and suitable marketing strategy, can we work in the front of the security alarm system line.


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